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A catch in a machine which prevents motion until released.

The noun detent originally comes from the French word détente meaning "loosening, slackening," specifically in regards to clock or watch parts. So how does this 17th century word relate to modern day event planning? Sure, it rhymes with event but the connection to our company started with a family road trip.


Just as every member of a family has unique characteristics, my husband often uses names and terminologies that he has picked up from his career in aviation. Since he is the only aviator in our family, we often greet his vocabulary choices with skepticism. Is that a real word or just a made-up Dad term?


One particularly warm summer day, while driving with the windows down and the kids in the back seat, I was adjusting the radio, endlessly flipping through channels. Trying to find something for a family of 4 to agree on for the next few hours of the trip was easier said than done. Finally, my husband said, "just put it in the detent and leave it alone." Unsure if this was another example of Dad-cabulary, a quick search proved this one was real. Turns out, the clicks you feel on a dial are the locking movements as it progresses from one detent to another. You learn something new every day. 


Fast forward a few years to the launch of our company and we needed a name. I remembered learning about detents on that trip. What that radio knob did, allowing a station to play uninterrupted, is what our services can do for your organization. Detent Events lets you focus on your core business while we plan, organize, and run your conferences, meetings, corporate retreats, and trade shows.


Contact us today and hear how Detent Events can help with your next event.


-Marie Peterson, CMP, HMCC



Marie Peterson, CMP, HMCC

Owner & Independent Planner

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Detent Events, LLC is proud to maintain membership in the premiere industry associations highlighted below.  In addition Detent Events, LLC is a certified Texas Historically Underutilized Business  (HUB).

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